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Daithí Kearney is an Irish poet and musician. From Co. Kerry, he now lives and lectures in Co. Louth on the east coast. His poetry is inspired by his surroundings and his young family. His poems have been recently published in Paddler Press, Patchwork Folklore Journal, Martello and Field Guide.


You can read some of the more than 20 published poems by clicking on the links below.

Published Poems

•    The Cock Pheasant’s Complaint. Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope and Healing, Orchard Lea Press, 2022. Shop – ORCHARD LEA BOOKS ( 
•    Tír na nÓg, Horses in the Gloaming. Patchwork Folklore Journal (2022), 1: 12-13.  
•    Tiger. TMP Magazine (2022) 2: 8. tmpmag-issue-2.pdf (
•    Certainty, Towards Tomorrow, The Adventurer. Bubble Magazine (2022), 1. Daithí Kearney | Bubble (
•    Fleadh Fiddler, Ethnographic Poetry (2022),
•    Hedgerows Hum, Our Roads, A Seaside Stroll, Music All Around. Paddlers Press (2022) 5. Issues – Trip Log – Paddler Press
•    Wandering with Jack. Salamandar Ink Issue (2022) 1. Issue #1 | Salamander Ink 
•    Autumnal Travellers, October’s Arrival, Canal Bank Walk With Children, Planting Bulbs, Time. Arasi (2022) 1, 48-50. Home (
•    Two for You. Toil and Trouble (2022) 1. Toil and Trouble.
•    The Handball Alley. Martello (2022) Issue IV: 27. Edition IV — The Martello (
•    Colour of Life, Don’t Forget. Duck Duck Mongoose (2023). Issue 4: Valentines – Duck Duck Mongoose Magazine (
•    Writing on a Frosty Morning. Field Guide (2023).

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